Our Guide to Simple Summer Fun

Mon, May 23, 2016 at 12:00PM

Our Guide to Simple Summer Fun

Summer vacations can be spent in exotic, far-off destinations—or they can be enjoyed just as much a little closer to home! If your plans are keeping you close to home this summer, we’ve got a guide to simple on-the-water fun that will turn your everyday boat trips into bonafide adventures.

Pull up to a waterfront café

Whether it be for a satisfying weekend brunch or a refreshing lunch al fresco, the small waterfront cafes or restaurants by your favorite body of water are often filled with delicious food and equally appealing atmospheres. If you don’t visit your local eatery often, it will feel like a truly immersive vacation experience—so it’s definitely worth considering if you crave that “off-the-clock” feeling of summer vacation.

Attend a local concert from your boat

Don’t feel the need to cram into a concert hall or amphitheater for your dose of live entertainment this summer—enjoy the sun and water at a waterfront concert! There are many such concerts being held this summer, ranging from famous artists to homegrown performers at your local waterfront park. In many instances, you will be able to purchase a ticket and dance along to your favorite hits near the stage—or, if you prefer a more tranquil experience, you can always stay offshore and enjoy the concert sights and sounds from the comfort of your own boat. Keep your eye out for concerts and similar events being held in your area.

Take part in an on-the-water parade

Who doesn’t love a good parade—especially one that’s on the water? You and your family can deck out your boat in parade day décor this summer. Check your city calendar to see if there’s a fun Fourth of July parade or similar on-the-water festival going on near you.

Hold a family scavenger hunt

There’s nothing quite like a family scavenger hunt to get everyone together—and, of course, you’ll get to spend a warm afternoon outdoors laughing and searching for clues! There are several ways to enjoy your on-the-water scavenger hunt. You can stay on board and have everyone spot things like unique boat names or seabirds, for example—or, for a more involved experience, you can take breaks on shore and look for unique wildlife, plants, and just about anything else.

Take out the water toys

Water toys are always fun, but they don’t necessarily have to be expensive or tricky to operate to be enjoyable. If you’re looking for simple, no-fuss fun on the water this summer, pack up a few tubes and noodles to add a spark to your day of swimming or lounging around in the water.

Fun on the water doesn’t have to come with a passport or overnight accommodations—so get out and start exploring the waters around you! We hope that this list gives you ideas on how to best spend summer trips with the family. As always, be sure to let us know of your own fun
ideas below!

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