Monterey’s Guide To Gardening On The Water

Thu, May 11, 2023 at 11:10PM

Monterey’s Guide To Gardening On The Water

Embracing your inner green thumb this spring? You’re not alone! Multiple studies have shown that gardening provides major mental health and stress-busting benefits — so if you’re inspired by the potential of soil and seed, dig away!

You don’t need much more than a pot or patch of backyard to get your garden on. But if you want to take the floral fun to the next level, why not garden on the water?

That’s right: when your Monterey M Series boat isn’t being used for fast-paced runs on the water, it can serve as host to a thriving microcosm of flowers, herbs, and veggies! Just read on to learn how.

Analyze Your Sunlight

Step 1: look to the sky! (With some trusty sunglasses, of course.) Just like you would do if you were planning a backyard garden, you’ll want to analyze access to sunlight on your Monterey Boat. This question is easiest for boaters who keep their ride at the local marina, as you can ensure a steady amount of sunlight — and probably some precipitation, too, depending on your local climate.

But as you’ll learn below, you may still be able to plan a garden — even a miniature one! — without access to regular sunlight.

Herbs, Veggies, Or Houseplants?

How do you envision your on-the-water garden? If you’re all about the galley and love preparing fresh meals for friends and family, you can’t go wrong with a versatile herb, like basil, or veggie, like the trusty tomato.

But perhaps you want something a little more low-maintenance — that brightens up your on-board space without requiring too much TLC between trips? In that case, opt for a sturdy houseplant! Succulents were built for this purpose, and many of them are aptly billed as “hard-to-kill.” Snake and spider plants are also worth considering! Don’t worry — they’re named for their respective animal-esque shapes, not for harboring any unwanted critters.

Go Hydroponic

Hydroponic systems allow you to garden without soil — and with the help of artificial light when your plants aren’t exposed to the sun itself! While it may take some time to work out an on-board hydroponic system, it’s a fun hobby for gardeners looking to take their green thumb to the next level. You can even get started with a small tabletop system that effortlessly fits with your Monterey’s on-board landscape.   

Stop & Smell The Flowers

Whichever route you take when it comes to gardening on the water, you’ll be able to reap some serious benefits! Not just the harvest itself — though fresh basil on galley pasta is a worthy treat! But in the process of cultivating on-board plant life, you’re also cultivating a sense of home on the water. It’s another reason to spend time on your Monterey — and to invite friends and family out for a special day on the water, too.

And on a practical level, plants can serve as natural air fresheners — perfect for keeping your floating home fresh, clean, and comfortable for countless trips to come. Also, if you spend lots of time at the marina or relaxing at your local lakefront, anti-pest plants like lavender and rosemary can keep the mosquitoes at bay as you eat, nap, or enjoy the view.

If you embark upon a floating garden project, let us know! The Monterey Boats team can’t wait to see your creative soil skills in action.

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