Top 5 Holiday Boating Safety Tips

Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 8:10AM

Top 5 Holiday Boating Safety Tips

The holidays are right around the corner and there’s no better time to take out your Monterey boat with the family. We honestly don’t blame you, it’s a family boat after all. Holidays bring out the crazy in people, and not just on the roads, the water too. While we can’t prevent disasters, we can prepare you with some tips on how to handle the holidays safely without sacrificing your fun. Let’s jump right into the top five holiday boating safety tips:


#1 Make Sure There Are No Distractions While Driving

We know your Monterey boat has the best audio system and horsepower that makes you have a heavy foot, but when driving your boat during the holiday season, you have to be ten times safer than you would normally be. That means, turn off your music and focus fully on your driving and make sure to follow all legal speed limits to ensure ultimate safety. Zone out of unnecessary conversations that will distract you and definitely put away your phone while driving.


#2 The Best Life Jacket Is The One You Will Wear

Many lives have been taken by the improper usage of life jackets. Everyone should be secured with a life jacket because accidents can happen very quickly. Especially when going to see a firework show during the holiday weekend. Keep in mind that a life jacket can’t help you if you’re not wearing it, so just be safe and wear a life jacket.


#3 Don’t Drink And Drive

We know you’ve heard this saying more than enough times. Nonetheless, don’t drink and drive. We know it’s tempting with the holidays and celebrations but be strong for the safety of your family. You already know how quickly this decision could turn bad so just avoid the whole situation.


#4 Check The Weather

No matter where you decide to take out your Monterey boat, you should check the weather. The last thing you want is to take your family out and the weather gets very rough in a matter of minutes. It’s better to play it safe than sorry and check the weather before your boating trip.


#5 Create A Float Plan

When going on your boating trip with your family this holiday season, you should inform a family member or staff at your marina of your float plan. This is the information that will state how long you’re going to be gone in case of an emergency. The float plan should include everyone’s name, address, phone numbers, boat type with registration, rip itinerary, types of communication or signal equipment onboard such as an Emergency Position Indicating Radio and Beacon or Personal Locator Beacon.


Stay Safe Aboard Your Monterey Boat!

Happy holidays to our Monterey family and happy boating! We hope you were able to take some tips in and that you use them on your next boating trip when boating during holiday season. Don’t forget to share with us your family pictures on social media using the hashtag #MontereyBoats!

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