Monterey Boats: Your Best Boating Etiquette

Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 12:55PM

As you cruise through the water on your Monterey, some courtesy and consideration for your fellow boaters can go a long way! Apart from your “please” and “thank you’s,” do you know the ins and outs of boater etiquette? Whether you’re new to the water or simply want a manners refresher, we’ve put together a quick tip list below:

Follow the golden rule.

“Treat others how you would want to be treated”… sound familiar? This “golden rule” has been repeated to us throughout childhood and beyond—and fortunately, etiquette on the water often is just as simple as this saying! If you wouldn’t be okay with boats cutting you off on the water, crews being generally loud or rowdy, and other behaviors, be mindful of them yourself.

Help boats in need.

If you see a boater having trouble on the water, don’t be afraid to pull up and see what they need. Often you’ll come across new boaters who need a hand, or a crew that’s having a mechanical problem—and while you aren’t expected to have all the answers, lending a hand in these situations however you can is a good practice to follow.

Follow the rules of the road… in the water.

Very often, the rules of the road you drive your car on apply to the water you cruise through. Don’t cut off fellow boats on the water, avoid swerving when there are others nearby, and allow boaters on the right to cruise by first.

Use good manners in the marina.

When you’re pulling in or out of the marina, fueling up or working on your boat, be mindful of other boaters in the vicinity. Avoid letting your cleaning supplies clutter the entire dock, help other boaters with their lines, and be sure to keep your slip area clear of extra supplies.

Be courteous at night. 

Nighttime is an especially important time to follow the rules of the water and be extra courteous to fellow boaters or those on land. In the late hours of the night, residential areas you’re boating through may prefer quiet, so be aware of your music or on board noise output. As you probably already know, it’s also especially important to drive slowly and carefully in the dark.

Slow down when necessary.

You probably love cruising with your Monterey through the water, but be aware of other boats’ positions while you do so. Your wake can affect others on the water, so don’t get too close when you’re going at such high speeds. Slowing down when you come across other boaters in a tight space is also a good practice that shows you are respecting them and their right to a safe boating experience—even if you know you’re in control.

Being kind and courteous on the water is like knowing your basic boating maneuvers—it’s just something you should learn! By doing so, you can encourage others on the water to do the same. If you have boating manners or rules you swear by, please feel free to share them with us in the comments!

Monterey Boats: Your Best Boating Etiquette

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