Long-Term Boat Trips: Our Best Tips

Sat, Mar 05, 2016 at 4:35PM

Are you embarking on a long-term boat trip this spring? Trips longer than a week or so have the potential to be some of the most fun and enjoyable you’ll ever take—and of course, they require some careful planning to carry out!

Below, we will be sharing a few of our best tips for enjoying a long-term boat trip.

Pack the essentials… but pack light

One of the biggest aspects of planning for any long trip is, of course, the packing. While it’s important to pack the essentials for your trip (proper clothing, water toys and gear, etc.), you always want to leave unnecessary materials at home. Even a spacious boat can start to feel cramped with lots of gear and more than a week at sea, so be sure to leave lots of space for your comfort… and all the goodies and souvenirs you’re likely to pick up along the way.

Make plans to dine out

In addition to packing light, it might also be a good idea to leave food stores at homes, too. While you may choose to pack along a few favorite nonperishable snacks and bottles of water, making plans to dine out can allow you to free up more space on board. By doing so, you’ll also be able to get a unique taste of the cuisines of the areas you venture off to—you may find your new favorite waterfront grill, or a unique coffee spot in a small coastal town.

Try new things

During your boat trip, be sure to make an effort to try new things. It can be easy to stay at familiar places or do things you’re used to… but that’s not what a trip like this is for! Use this time to branch out and try the water sport you’ve always wondered about, or enjoy new local fare. By the time you’re back home, you will be glad you took the leap!

Learn to roll with the unexpected

During long trips like these, it’s always helpful to roll with the unexpected as it comes up. Plans may not always work the way you want them to thanks to weather, navigational issues and other factors—and that’s okay! Find ways to enjoy unplanned stops along the way.

We hope that these tips help you achieve the long-term boat excursion you’ve been dreaming about! With your trusty Monterey, a few great crewmates and the right planning and preparation, your trip will be one you’ll remember for years to come.

Long-Term Boat Trips: Our Best Tips

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