All Aboard: Labor Day Fun on Your Monterey

Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 12:48PM

Close your laptop and leave your paperwork at the office… it’s Labor Day! This national holiday, which was initially created in 1882 to celebrate and honor the nation’s working men and women, is a great way to cap off your summer and enjoy quality time with your family. The only question is… what will you choose to do? Today, we’re looking at a few ways you can create a Labor Day to remember.

Take the family camping.

Because both you and your kids will likely have Labor Day off, this long weekend is a great time to take the family camping! This long loved American pastime is a great way to spend a couple of nights. Head to a nearby campground to enjoy s’mores, hot dogs and other campfire fare. Don’t think you have a campground nearby? Check again! No matter what state you live in, there’s probably a family friendly camping experience not too far away. Check with your state, city or county’s recreation website to find out where the nearest one is. And, of course, bring along your Monterey!

Don’t want to venture too far out? Some families may choose to avoid camping if they have young kids or other special circumstances. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all weekend, either! Pitch a tent in your own backyard for all the camping fun, just a little bit closer to home.

Enjoy a party on board.

At this time of year, everyone you know is probably itching to go on board for a fun on the water party or get together. This year, choose to be the host or hostess and throw it together yourself! You don’t need fancy party ware to make it a great experience your guests will love, either; pick up cold cuts for sandwiches and plenty of beverages for a quick and easy party.

Pack a picnic.

If you prefer to spend time with your family, pack a picnic to go and chow down on board! Sandwiches, juice boxes, and bags of chips are all you need as “fuel food” to go along with a day of water sports, fishing, or watching the sun set.

Pull your boat up to the nearest waterfront restaurant.

Desire to be more hands off when it comes to on board dining? Have your nearest waterfront restaurant or café do the cooking for you! Many coastal areas will have charming dining spots right on the water—and at many of these places, you can park your Monterey right up front! This is a unique dining option that allows you to spend as much time on your boat as possible.

Cruise to a new destination.

This Labor, go somewhere you’ve never gone before! Even if you think you live “too far” from a suitable source of water, you may be mistaken—more than half of the US population lives within 50 miles of a nearby coast! Even if you have to travel a little farther than that for the nearest lake or ocean, we think Labor Day is the best time to do it.

What are your Labor Day plans? Share them with us below! And of course, as you’re on the water, remember all the work—both yours personally and the work of laboring Americans over the years—that make this annual “summer sendoff” a reality.

All Aboard: Labor Day Fun on Your Monterey

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