5 Reasons to Go Moongazing this Fall

Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 7:35AM

5 Reasons to Go Moongazing this Fall

Late this summer, amateur astronomers everywhere flocked outside to catch a glimpse of the ultra‐rare solar eclipse. It was a truly one‐of‐a‐kind event… but who says the sun has to have all the fun?

For a new way to see the sky, take up a love of moongazing this fall! Read on to see what makes it such a worthwhile pastime.

It’s free…

One of nature’s most brilliant sights is also one of its most accessible! Enjoying the gentle glow of the moon is completely free, and the “light show” is even brighter and more spectacular during events like the full moon. Sure, a telescope or camera with great zoom can help you see the moon and all its craters, nooks and crannies in further detail. But the lack of these tools will never hinder your ability to catch the moon’s simple, shining light at work.

… and filled with events to watch out for

We got a taste of astronomical pandemonium—literally—with the solar eclipse. It only makes sense… seeing the skies above us change so dramatically is always an awe‐inspiring experience. If you’ve developed an interest in astronomy, dive right into observing the moon—because no planet sees quite as much change over the course of a month or year! While you can see the changing phases every month, certain events like the super moon bring the “wow” factor to new heights. This November, for example, we’ll see a “Beaver Moon”… but don’t start looking for beaver faces in the moon’s craters. The name simply refers to the time of year when beavers would fervently work to complete their dams for the cold months ahead.

It’s undeniably relaxing

The best part of gazing up at the moon? It’s undeniably relaxing, putting you at ease with its gentle glow. And because the light of a full moon is around one million times softer than that of the sun, you can look as long as you’d like without worrying about your eyes.

It offers a new kind of outing

Taking up a passion for moongazing gives you the chance to frame your on‐the‐water adventures in an all‐new way. When you set out with a plan to admire the moon and stars, you’re not worried about rushing back to dock before the light’s gone. You learn to embrace the glowing twilight stages, indulging in the glow and impressive relative size of a moon that’s close to the horizon, right at the start of the night, then watching as its shape ascends into the sky.

The moon affects the water like nothing else

Few elements are as interconnected as the moon and ocean. Once you get into the habit of observing the tides, and how they’re affected by the changing moon, you’re sure to discover an all‐new appreciation for the delicate balancing act at work. Free, relaxing, and rooted in tradition, moongazing is about as simple a pastime as you can hope to enjoy this season! Take out the family and enjoy a moonlight cruise along the coast, or plan your adventure around a lunar event like the Beaver Moon. Either way, you’re in for a treat!

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