4 Devices for a Better Boat Ride

Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 9:30AM

As lovers of the open water, we don’t necessarily think you need to tote along technology on every boat ride—after all, why detract from the thrill, sights and sounds of the ride? But if you do decide to bring a device or two on board, we think one of these four would be a welcome addition to any Monterey trip.

First up, we have a portable GPS—possibly one of the most important devices you can put on your “pack” list if you do not have a dash mounted one! Having access to a handy, reliable GPS can make your trip to an unfamiliar location that much more safe and exciting. Just be sure that your device has enough charge or batteries to get it through your trip (and bring provisions to power it up, if necessary).

Like we said, bringing tech along on your boat rides is usually a matter of choice—but bringing a GPS is really a must! We work with some of the best GPS makers in the industry so browse our Resources page to start your research.

Next, let’s look at Bluetooth powered portable speakers… bonus points if they’re water resistant! You can find a host of different types of these speakers online. You just want to make sure that, whatever speaker set you purchase, it is portable, rechargeable and able to be powered by Bluetooth, so even when you’re on the open water you can enjoy your favorite music at full volume. All you need to do is ensure that you or a buddy’s phone is preloaded with music before your trip, since you might not have Internet connectivity while on the water.

Remember, while most of these speakers come in water resistant varieties, this does not mean that they can be submerged underwater! “Water resistant” means that they can be operated by damp hands (common on the deck of a boat) without risking damage to the device. This rule usually goes for similar devices like cameras as well.

Speaking of water resistance, when you bring any kind of tech on board you can often risk it getting at least a little bit wet. To avoid costly water-related mishaps, you may want to look into picking up a protective case for your phone or camera. You can usually find one that’s specifically made to fit your device, and some specially-made cases can even allow you to take photos and videos underwater! Just check the manufacturer’s information for limits on things like water depth and time of use.

Finally, for the adventurous photographer in all of us, a handheld action camera can make a great day on the boat even more memorable. Cameras such as the GoPro that are geared toward mobile videography and photography can produce high-quality images worth posting… all while letting the user get the shot from a variety of angles and positions. This means that such cameras are perfect for exploring new destinations or trying new activities like paddle boarding or tubing.


4 Devices for a Better Boat Ride

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