Tech Overboard - Don't Forget The Scenery!

Fri, Oct 03, 2014 at 12:00AM

In this age of technology, it’s inevitable that we bring along our phones, tablets and other devices with us when we go out on the water — but how much is too much tech use? Think about these simple tips the next time you’re out on your Monterey.

1. Use tech when necessary

Let’s face it—sometimes we really do need the technology! Whether you’re checking for weather alerts on your phone, following GPS navigation, or using your radio for mariners’ info, “smart” devices can definitely help make our boat trips much smoother and safer. Don’t hesitate to use tech for these reasons, but don’t spend so much time staring at a screen that you forget to appreciate the views around you!

2. Make memories with the use of a family camera

This one is a given — how could you ever say “no” to photos of a great day on the water? Whether they’re for your blog, Facebook or family photo album, you’ll want to get a few great shots as a keepsake of the day.
This minimal use of tech (whether it be via your smartphone or an actual camera) encourages adventure and togetherness. Your family and friends won’t get much face-to-face time staring at their own individual phones, but if you get them altogether for a group shot, they might just change their tunes.

3. Actively encourage family time

Lead by example! It’s easy to tell others to put their phones down and have fun, but by taking part in non-techie activities yourself, you might just stir everyone else up into doing the same. Make time for wakeboarding, a group swim… anything that will get people off their phones and into the water!

Tech Overboard - Don't Forget The Scenery!

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