The Clam

Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 12:00AM

There are more than 15 species of clams inhabiting the world’s oceans! And depending on where you are located, “clam” can refer to several different animals. In the US, a clam can refer to all mollusks, specific species, or mollusks that are capable of swimming. Do you know what type of clam is used in clam chowder? Look through today’s photo blog to find out!

Pacific Razor Clam

The pacific razor clam is a larger, edible species of clam. They are only found in Alaska and are recognizable due to their elongated and oblong shape. The pacific razor clam is similar to the Atlantic razor clam found on the East coast of the United States.

Northern Quahog

The northern quahog is an edible clam with a hard shell found on the East coast of North America from Prince Edward Island to the Yucatan Peninsula. It is the clam most often used in clam chowder! They are often mistaken for the ocean quahog clam.

Duck Clams

Duck clams are also known as trough shells, and can only live in saltwater environments. They are often found burrowed in sand or gravel.

Atlantic Surf Clam

The Atlantic surf clam is a larger species of clam. If you’re walking on the beach and discover a clam shell, it likely belongs to the Atlantic surf clam!

Marsh Clams

Found in freshwater areas of Florida, the marsh clam belongs to a species of more than 100 clams, but only two of them are found in North America! They are recognizable by their thick, circular shells.

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The Clam

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