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Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 12:00AM

Buenos días!

"Yacht Cancun" is an invitation, and the name of our new Monterey dealer for Cancun, the Mexican Caribbean and the Riviera Maya. Yacht Cancun has been providing its customers with boats, yachts, and marine services since 2000.

They represent the highest quality and most innovative brands, ranging from luxury yachts to sport yachts and sport boats. For a dozen years now, Yacht Cancun has provided its professional services for the acquisition of new or used boats, representing world recognized brands in the Yucatan Peninsula. Yacht Cancun has a great variety of the Monterey models, to suit all needs and tastes.

They invite you to enjoy the beautiful Mexican Caribbean waters around Cancun with your family on one of their luxury Monterey yachts, or fishing or water skiing in a Monterey sport boat with friends on the Riviera Maya.

Yacht Cancun is proud to carry the Monterey line. "During the past two decades, Monterey Boats has established itself as one of the favorites when it comes to design, development, engineering and ship building," they said, attributing our attention to quality, performance and detail to "high quality consumer enjoyment of the sea."

"Much of their success," they continued, "can be attributed to the fact that Monterey is a family owned and operated company. This promotes quick reaction to market conditions, efficient decision-making and implementation, as well as a practical approach to the process of developing new products and customer relationships. When you buy a Monterey you are not only a new customer, you are considered a family member."

"This mentality, along with a passionate tenacity and determination has helped Monterey Boats to become the fastest growing name in the world of power boating."

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