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Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 12:00AM

Are you entering in our Monterey Boats Owner’s Only Photo Contest? Take an early lead with our 5 simple tips for great outdoor photos!

Never leave shore without your camera this boating season, you never know when the perfect moment will arise! Have fun everyone!

1) Shoot at Dusk and Dawn

The best time to capture an outdoor photograph is at either dusk or dawn, the half an hour windows of time before sunrise and sunset.Experts prefer this time range since it creates unique warm light and shadows not found during any other time of the day.

2) Capture with Meaning

Never take a picture blindly, always try to create a foreground, middle-ground or background in the image you are capturing. If you’re out on your Monterey Boat, the water, sky and clouds and surrounding coast line will be your background. When you capture the image, try to line everything up in relation to one another.

3) The Horizon

Instead of making the horizon the center of attention in your photograph, emphasize another element in the photo such as the sky, water, or coastline.

4) Show How Powerful Your Boat Is

Let everyone see how powerful your Monterey Boat is by displaying it next to an object of contrasting size.

5) Choose a Filter

Since Instagram’s arrival filters have become more and more prominent in photographs. Filters can enhance the colors and tones of the water, sky and other elements in your photograph. A filter may be the perfect solution when lighting choices are limited.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! And don’t forget to submit your photos to our Owners Only Photo Contest for the chance to win an iPod touch and Monterey Gear!

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