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When the Sun Goes Down

Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 12:00AM

We absolutely love watching the sunset from our boats, and we know that you do too! It’s always the perfect ending for a long work week! Where will you watch the sunset this week?

Our loyal Monterey Boats fans and owners have posted several photographs taken from their boats of the setting sun, and this week’s blog is dedicated to a few of our favorites! How do you capture a stunning image of the sun during sunset? It’s a lot easier than it seems! Next time you take the boat out at sunset, keep our tips in mind to capture the perfect image, and then share it with us on our Facebook page!


  1. Use a tripod

  2. Use the surrounding landscape, and reflections in the water

  3. Arrive Early, you never know when the best lighting will occur

  4. Avoid using the horizon as a centerpiece

  5. Don’t turn your cameras flash off!

When the Sun Goes Down
When the Sun Goes Down
When the Sun Goes Down
When the Sun Goes Down
When the Sun Goes Down

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