Safe Boating Week

Wed, May 23, 2012 at 12:00AM

Before you head out for some fun in the sun, we want to share with our fans and friends the latest about information and safety precautions we are taking to support National Safe Boating Week – May 19-25.

Here at Monterey, we are excited to get out on the water and enjoy some sunshine with friends and family, fun activities, and great views from our boats. Where ever you are this week, we are asking you to check up and prepare for your next adventure.

Wearing a life jacket is the first step and a fairly simple life-saving measure for safe recreational boating, so National Safe Boating Week has launched a campaign with a commanding slogan for all boaters around the world: 'Ready, Set, Wear It!' Wearing a life jacket and always being alert while on the water will help save lives, because accidents can happen so fast, there’s often no time to find and put on a stowed life jacket.  Today there are new lines of life jackets (or safety vests) available that are more comfortable and more affordable than ever. They’re perfect for anglers and adventurers. Present designs are thin and lightweight, with a pull string on the shoulder area – much like a tiny parachute – that inflates the vest when needed. They are also recommended by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Here are a few boating safety tips from the U.S. Coast Guard safety experts to keep in mind every time you head out:

1. Every time you are planning an activity on the water always wear a good, properly-fitting life jacket.

2. Pay attention and be aware of waterway rules.

3. Have the right gear and the right knowledge. Make sure there’s a radio, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, life vest for everyone on board (including pets), one other flotation device such as a cushion, and make sure it’s on a line in case you need to throw it to someone.

4. In case of an accident, have a distress signal such as a whistle or horn, and at least 3 flares.

You might also want to check boater education courses in your area.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, close to 85% of fatal boating accident victims were reported as not wearing a life jacket. That's why safety advocates continue to push for increased and consistent use of life jackets. The Coast Guard has noticed that people who had taken a safe-boating course were far less likely to be involved in a serious accident. Many insurance companies offer a discount to boat owners who complete these courses.

The National Safe Boating Council and its partners hold local events, teach classes, distribute educational materials and perform free Vessel Safety Checks, among other activities. To learn more, visit

Happy, and safe, boating everyone!

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