Living on Your Monterey

Fri, Jan 06, 2012 at 12:00AM

You bought your big Monterey Boats cruiser to spend as much time on it as possible. But a weekend here and there just isn't enough. Is it time to consider living full- or part-time on your Monterey?

Living on a boat isn't as crazy as it sounds. Many people throughout the world live on boats. Granted you'll be living on a luxury Monterey Boat with a lot of the niceties of home, so it won't exactly be roughing it.

Monterey Boats has several boats with the facilities you'd need for an extended stay. If you want the maximum amount of space, we'd suggest our 400SY, our biggest boat. But all of our cruisers and sport yachts have galleys, spacious sleeping quarters and full-service heads.

There is a lot you need to plan for if you are going to undertake an extended stay. In fact, two or three months of research and planning would be a good idea.

Some of the advantages of living on a boat, besides not have to mow the lawn or shovel snow, are that it is actually environmentally friendly. You won't be using near as much electric power or water as you would with a home on land. Of course, you must follow rules on disposal of waste.

You need to check into a good insurance policy since most marinas require you to have it for extended stays. You also want to protect your Monterey from mishaps caused by other boaters.

There are regulations you need to check out for living at a marina or where you can moor your boat. Special tax implications also could affect you. You also should research how a community has treated "live-aboards" in the past. Some welcome them, with just a little envy, and some don't want them.

But if you follow the requirements you get another great benefit. If you don't like your neighbor, it is a lot easier to move.

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