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We're Thankful For: Early Mornings on the Water

Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 5:25PM

You wake up and it's still dark out. You rally the troops - friends, kids, family - and haul supplies into the cabin. Everyone is tired, but excited for what the day will bring. You're taking the boat out before the sun's even had a chance to rise!

This Thanksgiving week, we're thankful for are those early mornings we get to spend out on the water with others who love it, too. Little else has the ability to make us see our horizons from a whole new view - literally! Early morning boating gives you the chance to take in the pink, purple and orange shades of a newly risen sun give way to a bright blue sky. If you're on board and on the water before the sun’s even up, you'll get to watch the sun rise from a front-seat location. Not many people can say get to do that!

When you're boating at the crack of dawn, you're also able to spend the most time possible on the boat. This means packing in extra hours of fishing, swimming, exploring the water - whatever it is you do best - and all the while, you're with friends and family who can share the experience with you.

What are you thankful for? Let us know below!

We're Thankful For: Early Mornings on the Water

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