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Fri, Jun 01, 2012 at 12:00AM

When you’re out on your Monterey for a full day trip, sometimes children can get a little antsy. We have a solution! Get them excited about a Scavenger Hunt – where they never have to leave the deck.

It’s a combination of the old style scavenger hunt and the “I spy” game which will help keep your younger passengers occupied for hours and you from wanting to abandon ship. Just make up your game sheets in advance, give one to each participant (along with a pencil) and you’re ready, set, go!

The rules can vary: First one to cross off all the items wins, or set an amount of time and the one who has checked off the most items when the clock runs out, wins.  

It's practically free, it's a lot of fun, and kids get to discover something about life on the water along the way.

Here are some suggestions for your Scavenger Hunt List: A Tow Boat, A Coast Guard Boat, A Tug Boat, A Fish & Wildlife Boat, A Barge, A Houseboat, A Boat the Same Color as Yours, Your Country’s Flag, A Skull & Crossbones, A Dive Flag, Someone Talking on the Radio, 2 People Wearing Life Jackets, Something that starts with the Letter 'R', Marina, Gas Pump,  Jon Boat, Kayak, Sailboat, Manatee, Dolphin, Person Fishing, Someone Wakeboarding, Jet Ski, Sandbar, Osprey, Pelican, Flashing Channel Marker, Helicopter, Dog, Swimmer, Turtle… and any others you can think of.

You should have a prize for the winner and maybe the runner up. Or give extra credit for something unusual that was spotted but not on the list.

Have fun!

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