Staying Cool on Board: Our Best Tips

Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 12:00AM

Summer vacation might be dwindling away for our fans in the Western Hemisphere, but high temperatures won't be gone so quickly - and even though we're on the water, staying cool can still be tough. Check out our tips for cooling off on those hot, sunny days.

Dress cool. You've probably heard this one a thousand times, but it's worth remembering. Lighter, tightly woven outfits don't absorb so much of the sun's heat; hats serve the same purpose on your head. Not only do these measures prevent dangerous sun exposure, they can help you avoid the headache that comes with spending a day outdoors.

Personal mist fan. Yes, those fans you use at theme parks on hot days with the kids! You can pick up a couple of these battery-powered fans in your local store's outdoor section. They're not very elegant, but on a hot day above deck, your crew will thank you for their instant cooling power!

Go early or late. Just like with most summer activities, your boating trip will be hottest in the afternoon hours. If it's within your control, try heading out in the morning and taking a midday break to swim, have lunch, or check out local beaches, waterfronts, etc. As the afternoon sun starts to cool, you can get back on the water and continue your trip.

Take a swimming break! This is a simple one. Find a quiet area and shut off the engine, then take the plunge into cool, refreshing water. It's amazing how quickly a simple dip can cure bouts of sun-caused irritability and discomfort.

Go below. Need somewhere to go during the hottest parts of the day? Cool off below deck with some relaxing (and air-conditioned!) time below deck.

Staying Cool on Board: Our Best Tips

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