Remedies for Seasickness

Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 12:00AM

Tired of falling victim to motion sicknesses, including sea sickness? Leave your worries on shore, because we’re bringing you three more remedies in today’s blog!

1) Find a Fixed Point

Why do we experience seasickness, and other motion seasickness? It’s due to a misperception of movement between the brain and inner ear. An easy fix for this is to find a point to focus on. Since you’ll be in a boat, we recommend focusing on the Monterey emblem on a seat, or another fixed point within the boat. By focusing on a fixed point, your brain will receive the signal that you are not moving. Focusing on a point on shore will help your brain and inner ear resynchronize with one another.

2) Dramamine, Bonine, and Benadryl

If you experience extreme seasickness, we recommend always keeping Benadryl, or another antihistamine on board. Antihistamines block certain signals within the brain that control vomiting, nausea and other extreme symptoms of motion sickness. If you’re prone to seasickness, we recommend taking Dramamine, Bonine, or Benadryl an hour before leaving shore. If you’re taking Benadryl, or another antihistamine, you may become sleepy, and don’t forget to consult a doctor prior to taking an antihistamine if you have high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, asthma, or glaucoma.

3) Transderm Scop

Plan on going on a cruise, or taking a long-weekend excursion in your Monterey? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to consider obtaining a prescription for the drug scopolamine. It’s very similar to an antihistamine, but lasts much longer and releases scopolamine at a steady rate over a three day period. The medicine is released via a patch by the brand name, Transderm Scop. You’ll want to apply the patch no later than 4 hours before leaving shore.

If you have tried any of these methods before, let us know what worked for you on our Monterey Boats Facebook, or Twitter pages!

Remedies for Seasickness
Remedies for Seasickness

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