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Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 12:00AM

All aboard and anchors aweigh! Summer’s almost here and the time is right for a party on your Monterey. There’s nothing like being out on the water with some sun on your face, a few close friends, and plenty of good food and beverages. So head out to one of your favorite spots, drop anchor, get the music playing, and prepare to party, Monterey style!

Any boat party, but especially a themed one, provides a memorable experience, so have your camera ready, as well as games and activities.

Life preservers, anchors, flags, lighthouses, fish or other marine life, ship wheels, treasure chests, parrots and palm trees are all great nautical icons for your party decorations and accessories. And a creative, unique invitation is the first step to setting the mood and building anticipation for your guests.

Here are some fun ideas to help you get your maritime party started.

When hosting a soiree on your Monterey, make the setting part of the theme. How about a Love Boat, Gilligan's Island or Robinson Crusoe theme? A tropical cruise, luau, pirate adventure, watersports or fishing activity would also work. You could welcome your guests with leis, shell bracelets, individual drink glasses, mugs or fun hats that fit your theme.

If your group is the athletic/competitive type, plan some swimming or diving games, or a treasure hunt. Organize a fishing competition or stage a miniature boat building contest or remote-controlled boat race.

Some suggestions for boat party themes are: Reggae Time (tie-dye encouraged), Poker/Casino Fun (choose easy games everyone can play), Wine Tasting on the Water (tapas food is a great accompaniment), Comedy Night (keep it clean, use a gong for rebels), Karaoke Challenge (might become a comedy night), Murder on the High Seas (an actual murder mystery game set on a cruise ship), Jazz Club Experience (dress accordingly), Trivia at Twilight (use only Movie/TV or other general category questions for fun), Hawaiian Luau (endless island-related possibilities), Jimmy Buffett-Parrothead Party (the music sets the theme), Maritime Masquerade (any maritime-related costume will do), Fourth of July Fireworks Finale (summer BBQ food and picnic attire), or an Iron Chef-style Banquet (guests bring anonymously packaged dishes for judging, and prize is – use your imagination!).  

Awarding prizes at the event for whatever reason is always fun and gives at least a few guests an extra something to take with them.  

For the younger ones who need to be entertained, have fun movies like Finding Nemo, Fish Tales, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Captain Ron ready for the DVD player.

For those attending a boat party, here are some gift ideas for the host(s) or guest of honor:  a personalized captain's hat, a telescope or good binoculars, or a customized life ring is both a decorative and practical gift.

Let the fun begin!

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