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Getting a Picture-Perfect Shot on the Water

Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 12:00AM

Whether they’re online in a Facebook photo album or pasted in the pages of your family scrapbook, pictures of your summer vacation can give provide fond memories for years to come. If you’re taking your camera with you on a boating trip this season, keep in mind these helpful tips to getting a clear and striking 4x6 memory.

First, you’ll want to protect your camera from any potential water damage. Apart from the basic precautions (never leaving your camera on a ledge or without some type of covering, for example), you can take an extra step to ensuring its safety. Consider purchasing underwater housing for your camera from a company like ewa-marine (, which makes housing for almost every camera type, even smartphones!

When it comes to taking the picture—whether it’s of friends doing water sports, scenery in new areas or of the vessel itself—remember: your boat can be shaky! Use a fast shutter speed and other stabilization devices on your camera to ensure a clear picture without any fuzziness. Also make sure to adjust your camera’s ISO settings with the outdoor lighting. The brighter it is outside, the lower ISO you’ll need and vice versa.

When you’re taking pictures on your boat, have fun with it! It might be hard to get the perfect composition in one shot, especially when you rarely get a still moment. But take lots of pictures, one after another, and capture a wide variety of subjects, from landscape to water to the boat itself and the passengers on it. This way, you’ll be sure to bring home pictures you love. 

Getting a Picture-Perfect Shot on the Water

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