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Boating in Carlsbad, California

Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 12:00AM

Plan a trip to California this summer to boat in Carlsbad, California, located just outside of San Diego. It’s an ideal boating atmosphere boasting with perfect water and air temperatures as well as calm waters. Where are your favorite boating locations? Share pictures and details with us on Facebook.

The average temperatures in Carlsbad, California only vary 10 degrees throughout the year, a bearable 65 degrees in January and comfortable 75 degrees in July. The area is favored for its easily accessible lagoon. The waters in the area seem to always be calm and are prefect for beginning water skiiers, wake boarders and for children who love to hop on a water tube. If you’re interested, there is also a six-buoy slalom ski course in the area.

If you’re traveling to the area during the right time of year, you can catch subtle scents from nearby fields of strawberries. Don’t forget to visit Carlsbad Beach while you’re on vacation. It’s a family friendly beach that stretches for more than 5-miles. You will often see surfers, skin divers, cyclists and runners in the area. Once you’re done boating for the day, explore Carlsbad Village. It’s a great area to relax after a day in the sun. There are several unique boutiques and antique shops, cafes and restaurants. The village features something for everyone to enjoy. 

Boating in Carlsbad, California

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