Boat Dealer Lights Up Mount Dora

Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 12:00AM

There are lighting displays and then there is the Mt. Dora Boating Center and Marina.

Owner Joe Lewis has been lighting up Mt. Dora and Lake Dora for years, creating an annual tradition with lights and figurines covering the grounds, the building, the trees and the docks. The view is especially spectacular from the lake and would look even better from a Monterey Boat, which you would buy at the Mt. Dora Boating Center, of course.

The lights turned on Dec. 3 and will remain on through Christmas. But don't worry; Mr. Lewis doesn't disturb his neighbors, keeping the lights on a timer so they go off by bedtime.


The display takes a lot of work and requires year-round attention. The thousands of lights and decorations have their own room at the marina with enough space for

maintenance and repair. The decorations start going up nearly two months before the lights are turned on. The massive amount of lights also requires special wiring and transformers.

The end result is one of the most spectacular displays in Central Florida.

The Mt. Dora Boating Center is one of the newest dealers of Monterey Boats and carries a collection of sport boats and cruisers. Look for the dealer locator at for all our U.S. and Canadian dealers, and we also have international dealers around the globe.

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