The New Monterey Boat Advantage

Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 12:00AM

The big advantage in buying used boats has always been the lower price.

That's not so much the case right now. Because of the economy, manufacturers and dealers have had to keep boat prices as low as possible. That means the price difference isn't as great right now between a used 2008 model and a brand spanking new 2012 model.

But you still get all the great advantages of buying a new boat:

You know where the boat and motor have been - at the manufacturing plant and then the dealer's showroom or boatyard.

You get a warranty to protect you if anything goes wrong and the support of a dealer to get the problem taking care of.

You won't have to spend any time on repairing your new boat, just put it on the water and turn the key.

You can order a new boat to get some custom features you've always wanted.

On financing a new boat, you usually will be able to negotiate good interest rates.

Getting insurance for a new boat often is easier than a used boat, because the insurer also knows where the boat and motor have been.

With a new boat, you also can develop a relationship with the dealer and manufacturer that will last you for years. At Monterey Boats that relationship is crucial because we want you to buy more boats and tell your friends about us.

Florida-based Monterey Boats builds top quality vessels for cruising the open sea or skiing on your favorite lake.

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