Strait up in Your Monterey Boat

Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 12:00AM

For many people there is no more romantic passage than the Strait of Gibraltar, moving from the somewhat tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the more tumultuous waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

As most sea folks will tell you, it's not a passage for the inexperienced. With only 8 nautical miles across at the narrowest point, the busy strait can be a navigation challenge. But whether you roll in from the ocean or you are going out from the sea, the sights are incredible.

Of course, everyone knows about the Rock of Gibraltar, or Jabal Tariq in the Arabic-speaking world. The rock shoots up 1500 feet from the top of the water, standing sentinel over the Mediterranean Sea and providing a warning to those about to enter the strait that they need to have all their wits about them. In ancient times it was considered the entrance to Hades and modern sailors would have a hard time not believing that myth.

With Don Marino Boats in Spain and Pro Marine (+21-253-966-6005) in Morocco, the area also is a hot spot for Monterey Boats. Our cruisers are perfect for the Mediterranean Sea and all the sight-seeing you can do, so one of our dealers in that area can help you start your journey.

The Rock of Gibraltar is one of the most famous sites of the Mediterranean, but just one of many. You could spend your life exploring the shorelines of Africa, Asia and Europe. In a Monterey Boat, it is a pursuit we would highly recommend.

For more information about Monterey Boats, check out our website and find your exploration vessel.

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