How to Clean a Fish Part II

Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 12:00AM

Last week we learned how to properly preserve our catches while on-board the boat, this week we will learn how thoroughly clean the fish once we are home! There are several techniques for fish cleaning, but we will discuss an easy method for beginners. How do you clean a fish?

Before we get started, gather the following tools:

  • Work Table
  • Scaling Tool
  • Fillet, or fish-cleaning knife
  • A clean container for clean-fish
  • A bucket for scales, bones, and guts


Scaling the Fish:

Place the fish on the work table, if you do not have a work table, a clean, flat surface will do. Use one hand to keep the fish still, hold it by its head. Now, using a large, metal spoon, or fish scaling tool, rake the scales from the tail to the direction of its head. Flip the fish over, continue to hold it by its tail and remove the scales. Some fish have very fine scales, and will take longer to clean, be patient!

Skinning the Fish:

Many people find that removing the fishes skin will improve its overall taste. If you are fishing for catfish, tilapia, bullheads, or other bottom-feeders, you will definitely want to skin the fish prior to filleting it. Keep the fish on the work table, or flat surface, and use a clamp to hold its head firmly. Remove spines, and make a cut just behind the pectoral fins and head. Remove the skin using a pair of pliers. Place one hand on the fishes head, and one on its body, break its backbone and pull away the head and guts. Clean the fish, and you are ready to begin cooking!

Next week we will learn a great beginners method for filleting a fish. Do you have advice for other Monterey Boats owners? Share it with us in our comments section, or on our Monterey Boats Facebook page.

How to Clean a Fish Part II

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