Exploring the Indian Ocean in Your Monterey

Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 12:00AM

If you just bought one of our big cruisers in the Indian Ocean area and have a desire to explore the big, wide sea, you should first chart your course for a safe voyage on your Monterey Boat.

The islands and continental coastlines of the Indian Ocean are great places to explore, but the ocean's weather patterns must be noted and certain areas should be avoided for other reasons. A place to get current weather in the Indian Ocean is at For a quick reference page for the islands of the Indian Ocean, go to

It is summer in the Southern Hemisphere, so now would be a good time to explore much of the Indian Ocean.

What you'll find in the Indian Ocean are some of the most interesting islands on the planet. From the Maldives to Madagascar, the islands have been explored since the ancient Egyptians. The influence of the Arab sailors can still be found on the islands as well as other explorers, such as the British and Portuguese.

The islands are under many different flags from Australia ruling Christmas Island to independent republics, such as Maldives and Madagascar. Be careful where you venture, though, there are some military installations, such as Diego Garcia, where they take a dim view of boats venturing too closely. Diego Garcia is a joint installation of the United States and United Kingdom.

The Indian Ocean is bound by four continents, ranging from Asia on the north, Africa to the west, Australia to the east and Antarctica to the south.

On two of the continents, Monterey Boats has dealers near the Indian Ocean where you can find a sport yacht that would be great for your explorations. You'll want our 400SY for the open sea, but we have several great cruisers for motoring up and down the continental coastlines.

In Africa, our dealers include East Marine in Ard el Golf, Cairo, Egypt, and Lindhorst Marine in Gauteng, South Africa. In Asia, we have Ocean Crest Marine in Mumbai, India; Derani Yachts in Phuket, Thailand; and Macky Marine in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

To check out all our great models, just visit us online at

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