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3 Simple Fishing Knots

Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 12:00AM


Are you taking your brand new Monterey 197FS on a fishing trip soon? Instead of using an ordinary fishing knot, try one of the following: The Perfection Angler’s Loop Knot, The Arbor Knot, or The Surgeon’s Loop.

Do you have a favorite fishing knot? Share it with us in the comments section of our blog or on our Monterey Boats Facebook page!

Have a great trip! Don’t forget to share your catches with us!



1) The Perfection Angler’s Loop Knot

This knot is great for fine or slippery fishing line. The first step is to make a loop in the end of the line, then create a second loop, placing it on top of the first, with the tag end under the standing end. Now, pass the tag between the two loops, pulling the top through the bottom. Pull on the standing end to tighten the loops and trim the ends! This knot is perfect for quick leader changes when fishing!

2) The Arbor Knot

The Arbor Knot is a knot that is most often used to attach fishing line to a fishing reel. The knot can be created by passing fishing line around the arbor, tying an overhand knot around the line with the free end. Next, tie an additional knot in the free end of the line to create a stopper. To complete, slide both knots until they are tight against the arbor. The arbor knot is a perfect knot for everyone learning how to fish!

3) The Surgeons Loop

A Surgeons Loop is used create a loop at the end of the line.  Create a bight (a curved section) at the end of the fishing line and form an overhand knot. You can alter the bight until you reach the necessary loop size. To finish, pull the knot and trim the end of the line. This knot is also an easy knot for beginners to learn!

3 Simple Fishing Knots
3 Simple Fishing Knots
3 Simple Fishing Knots

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