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Boating Magazine's 385SE OB Boat Test & Review

Randy Vance 385 Super Express walk-through. Unparalleled performance defines the 385 Super Express but not at the expense of luxury and comfort. 

Luxury Meets Power

Power, style, and innovation are paired perfectly with a long list of luxurious amenities and an elegant overall craftsmanship that is uncompromising in every way allowing you to turn all of your on the water experiences into awe inspiring and memorable moments.

Share the Thrill

Handcrafted by skilled tradesmen and designed by engineers, every Monterey Sport Yacht seamlessly incorporates the latest construction techniques and performance-enhancing design elements to deliver an exhilarating and unforgettable experience on the water.

2020 Running Footage

From the very first hull built to every boat built today, the owners, engineers and staff at Monterey Boats continue to believe that the Monterey name stands for more than boat manufacturing- they believe it’s a family and a way of life.

Boating Magazine's 275SS OB Boat Test & Review

Randy Vance walks you through Monterey's 275SS OB. Experience the pure blend of outboard power at its best coupled with a style that only our Super Sport line can deliver with this perfectly designed new model.

Boating Magazine's 235SS OB Boat Test & Review

Randy Vance walks you through Monterey's 235SS OB. Sleek styling, powerful outboard performance, and luxurious seating options help make the Monterey 235SS the perfect choice.

Boating Magazine's 345SS OB Boat Test & Review

Randy Vance walks you through Monterey's 345 Super Sport OB. With an overall elegant design both above and below deck, the 345 Sport yacht will allow you to reach distant destinations in total comfort.